With its own large development department, swiss IT Factory is able to develop innovative and customized solutions in a minimal amount of time. We offer you our support throughout the entire development process. The rapid prototyping method enables us to quickly present you with a customized solution that matches your particular context.


Target / actual analysis,
Rough concept, Detail concept


Customized settings, Custom extensions,
Customer-specific additional developments


Pilot, Migration, Roll out,
Training, Go live


2nd level support, Retraining, Maintenance,
Customer-specific further development,
Quality control

Time Solution

Mobile, Process optimization


List of your inventory and materials, Camera uses Machine Learning to detect inventory/material number, Add pictures/ documents and store them in the database

Business Solution

Daily task-/time-report, quantity surveying, additional efforts, etc., mobile on the tablet. The app is seamlessly integrated into the existing all-in-one solution

Working Report

Project structure, Building variants (object perspective) and versions Target / Actual comparison, Task-/time-report